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Sadventure Completed: #61 Show me the money!

How many pennies do you get in a ten pound note?

Initially I figured that surely someone I know owns a gerbil called Penny, or for a price, would be willing to rename their beloved family gerbil to Penny and then all I would have to do was wrap a ten pound note around said gerbil, and get the necessary answers. Simples! As gerbils are prone not to say.

Unfortunately, I have a dearth of friends with gerbils, let alone ones called Penny, all of which proves it is time to find new and more exciting friends. On the other hand, I could just be a damn sight more literal about this.

And so I bought myself a bag of pennies, some sellotape and a ten pound note. Then, realising I was way off estimate, returned back to the bank and got another bag of pennies.

So, if like me, you have never wondered how many pennies you can get in a ten pound note, the answer is: 140.

Clearly we can conclude we’ve all been shortchanged for years!

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