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Sadventure Completed #15: Gone Potty...

I reckon senility is kicking in. I currently have a houseguest with a penchant for Cauliflower Cheese. I have made it several times. Each time I make it I use the same piece of ovenware. It is quite possibly in contention for the world's ugliest piece of crockery. It cost £1.

The first time I made her the cauliflower cheese, I told said houseguest how I'd been working in Bristol and came upon it being flogged for the gastronomical price of £1. I think we call all see why.

The second time, I made her cauliflower cheese. I recounted the story of how I acquired the world's most hideous baking dish in Bristol, where I'd been working. Whilst it is horrific, I thought it the bargain of the century - after all it had only cost £1.

The third time, I made cauliflower cheese, said houseguest asked me how I'd happened upon such a marvellous piece of crockery. So I told her.

For the sum of £2.40, she decided it was quite necessary that I buy a new dish. If only to inspire me to make more scintillating conversation. I would heartily recommend it as a day out - it's not just for children, a group of twenty-somethings had a birthday party there, plus some more mature women decorating some lovely aeroplanes, horses and toast racks.

I had the most marvellous day at The Pottery Place in Witney as I laboured over a new piece of crockery. Designed and decorated by yours truly. Price £30. Thankfully I didn't have to actually cast the ovenware, otherwise it would be hideous. I would heartily recommend it because it was sheer mindfulness - albeit enhanced by coffee. I also did that drooping tongue thing one does when one is proper concentrating!

Do reserve a place in advance, but no matter how talentless you are (I'm not arty at all), there's plenty of fun to be had. Took several hours to produce the masterpiece, but the instructions were clear, and they couldn't have been more helpful.

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