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Sadventure Completed #7: Shoe Shopping...

Updated: Mar 28

Apparently, someone has an urge to go shopping in their slippers. Slippers! Therefore, I must. I currently wear a wonderful pair of new-high boots, felt-lined and once upon a time were impervious to all rainwater. Perfect for quadbiking but seemingly acceptable for all indoor activities too. Well, until they fell apart that is.

I had been patiently waiting for the January Sales to replace them. I had not envisaged taking my indoor slippers outdoors. The first decision was which pair to wear. The new, fluffy, warm pair with intact soles. The very disgruntled pair with in-built air pockets. The latter won out. Bad mistake. The break pedal has sharp bits. Still, I got to my destination without further menace.

I felt like a right plonker as I arrived at my destination: Banbury Retail park. I felt like an even bigger plonker to discover it has no shoe shops. One Costa Coffee later, decaf cappucino made with almond milk, later I discovered the perfect two pairs on Amazon. Still, I am grateful I am grateful not to transgress this handy advice for the middle-aged...

#slippersrule #shoeshopping #shoeventure #midlifesocksandsandlescrisis

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