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Sadventure Completed #6: Searching out what happened to all your exes and BFFs...

Updated: Mar 28

Is another 'thing' for those plummetted into the Mid-Life Crisis, apparently. Quite frankly, I have a huge laundry mountain to sift through; litter trays to be cleared, my tax return to complete; a deluge of work to do; a futility room that is more of a bomb disposal site. And a garden in need of a thorough weeding. That's before I tackle my way through my emails - I have penis extensions to reject, Rolex watches to be unable to afford and somewhere amongst all the PPI spam, is a long-lost friend I need to respond to.

Moreover, the car needs clearning; Fierce Fanny is in an atrocious state, especially her back box. I pretty sure I haven't changed my bedding since before Christmas. I have hair that needs a haircut; eyebrows which need a thorough plucking and a cat that won't fecking shut up. #Livingthedream.

Last thing I want to know is that everyone else lives are thriving just fine without me!

So I'm rather grateful to be challenged to read a book for a friend who can't be arsed to read it herself. It encourages its readers to stop controlling others, and start caring for oneself. The cat is in for a shock! I start reading on Monday.

#codependencynomore #codependent #midlifecrisis #Sadventure6 #LifeinMidCrisis

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