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Sadventure Completed #51: Strapping...

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Whilst moaning about my painful knee, I was told I should try that psychedelic strapping stuff that athletes use. Kinesiology tape I discovered it's called.

In fact, she actually had some and I looked woefully at the package of a bare torso man covered in different strips of colour. Blimey! It's only my knee that's hurting not my entire muscular set. Looking at the image, the man is practically held together by tape. I'm middle-aged but not that bad yet. But proof, if ever it were needed, that exercise is bad for you.

As I lent down to put it in my handbag, I pulled a muscle between my shoulder blade and my spine. Clearly, it's already starting working.

Walk 1

To compare and contrast, I went for a quick 14km waddle with my knee sock, which is a compression bandage that I bought last week. I can't say it prevented serious pain. Swelling, perhaps, but not pain.

Next up, I'll walk 10km held together with tape...

Walk 2

I walked 10k, then I walked 10k more and then another 3k. This stuff is amazing - it really, properly, no bullshit, works. It is the stuff off 'wow'. It wasn't until I got home that I got to 'ow' mode. 'Ow' mode escalated to 'Yowl' mode when it came to tearing it off though. Like three giant blue plasters ripped off one at a time. Still, it's reduced my need for shaving for a while.

Now if only I could cover my entire body with tape then I'll be fine.

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