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Sadventure Completed #50: Shine bright with Magnesium...

Updated: Mar 28

A bit of an odd one, but as ever I do not reason why I must take Magnesium supplements daily for 28 days.

It's said that even those eating a balanced diet may run short on magnesium: you know the stuff that firework sparkles, flares and camera flashes are made of. If you're lacking a bit of spark in your life, nay indeed love life, apparently a dose of magnesium is the trick. And here's the stats bit: some believe that 50% of Europeans are deficient in magnesium. Until Brexit happens, I guess that includes us Brits.

Magnesium is said to be crucial for body maintenance and repair:

- it helps convert food into energy, so this is appealing: usually I simply convert food into fat.

- it can boost exercise performance for athletes, old peeps and those with chronic diseases, categories that I am not yet pigeon-holed into. Although these research findings have caused some humdingery. - it fights depression. helps counter Type 2 diabetes, treats low blood pressure and has anti- inflammatory benefits. If you see a bunch of scientists arguing, however, it may be on these matters that they are falling out.

- useful for treating migraines and PMS - yup: magnesium is potentially a miracle cure.

Anyway, your human guinea pig is of service.


Week 1

It is surprisingly difficult to buy magnesium tables in supermarkets, ended up with a liquid magnesium, calcium, zinc and vitamin D. I'm almost the complete periodic table now.

I have started with liquid intake: or rather Osteocare liquid because I'd rather drink than swallow pills. Twas cheaper than the tablets in any case. Tastes like a badly made sweet. Suggests taking 10ml twice per day, preferably at meal times. Sounds like the ideal way to ruin a perfectly good dinner. Had it for dessert, followed by Lemon Fool.


End of week 1 and no sign of glowing evident yet, although I'm sure I missed a day. Why do the instructions on medicine demand you to take with a full meal? If you ask me that's one way of ruining a perfectly good dinner. Instead I have taken to swigging the bottle when I load the dishwasher. It reminds me to throw in a lemony tablet.

Week 2

Still not glowing. That said, I am not suffering with aches and pains in my tendons like I did when I was doing 0to5k, whether this is because I am generally fitter, or because of the liquid lemon-sherbet-only-worse concoction I gag over every day, I couldn't say.

I also took the opportunity to look at buying some tablets but at £11 ish a bottle I was somewhat put-off by this idea. Very expensive, I feel. Especially when compared to a bar of dark chocolate which provides a similar level of magnesium.

Week 3

I have become accustomed to having a quick swig out of the bottle each time I load the dishwasher. I have got used to the chalky lemon sherbet flavour now and it reminds me for some reason to throw in a lemon cleaning tab into the machine as well - as I have in the past forgotten. Thankfully, so far I have got these the right way round.

However, I can confirm they don't treat migraines. I've had two this week, following months and months of not having any. Hmmpf.

Week 4

I have bought my second bottle now. I did look for tablets but they are all ridiculous expensive by way of comparison. As the flavour isn't unbearable, the liquid stuff is probably better - I don't like taking tablets especially. They remind me of my impeding old-age.

I'll definitely finish the bottle I've bought as I'm still not yet glowing in the dark. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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