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Sadventure Completed #48: GCHQ quandaries...

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Great Conundrums Hurry Quickly?

Ginormous Confusion Hurts Quietly?

Ghostly Catastrophe Halts Quixotically?

Apparently, someone out there thinks I'll be good at completing this book. It's a 28 day challenge to complete this book, or do my damnedest to!

If you see a middle-aged woman walking around somewhat generally confused and hating quizzes, that'd be me. I found it difficult enough to even remember how to renew my car insurance today. I am not expecting greatness at this Sadventure.

Day 1

It's taken me forever to get interested in this - partly because it reminds me of school tests, and who the hell needs the memories?

I got cracking on the supposedly 'easy' ones and and managed to get 50%. Typically after a run of a few no hopers, I lose motivation and decided to ponder my navel instead. I think I need a new strategy.

Day 2

New strategy: Okay, instead of ploughing on in them systematically, I'm going to call on an old exam revision trick: Spend a limited time on each question, if the answer doesn't immediately jump out, then jump on. And then, I'm going to set the mark of getting 20 completed each day, leaving plenty of time to work on the harder ones.

Day 3

I'm realising why I didn't do so well in my school exams: belligerence. I really couldn't be arsed with demonstrating my inferior knowledge. Plus, I am what my teachers called 'an imaginative child'. I see their point.

Take these for example:

Gary has friends in countries all over the world: Argentina, Denmark, Russia, Sudan and the United States. Which country is Gary in?

>>>Gary can sod off to the moon for all I care.

There are at least 20 children in Fred's class. 19 of them learn German and 4 learn French. 8 of them play football, 12 play hockey and 4 play squash. Fred lives at number 18 Bunyard Street in a house with a red door. How many hours does it take Fred to mow a 1 acre field?

>>>He doesn't. He's too busy getting it on with Tina to mow lawns. Plus, he's been given an ASBO for making rude crop circles in the local farmers' fields so he's confined to his bedroom until he grows up.

Days 4 - 10

Like many school-goers, I mostly looked at the cover and thought 'I rlly CBA'.

Days 11 - 20

As above. But I did do a cramming day and got to the end of Section 1. Woo-hoo. By using the hints, I managed nearly 85% of them. Surely that's a A grade these days? Or an 1 or a 9, or a Z or whatever the scale is this week.

Day 20 - 31

I started on section 2. OMG, r u kddng me? It's so hard! I think I got about 1 in 10. "Pit your wits against the people who cracked Enigma" the book cover screams out. The people at Enigma have absolutely nothing to fear from me.

One of the problems was a lack of British cultural knowledge, I really have no idea who the members of one direction are. And I'm not particularly interested in films either for the most part. Nor is my geographical knowledge much cop. And so, with regret, I have failed dismally at this Sadventure.

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