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Sadventure Completed #46: Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Never heard of it. Never heard of him. Quite why he needs to sing is a good enough reason to watch it, I suppose.


Oh, joy. Strong bloody violence. I am of the squeamish variety when it comes to violence.

It starts with some stunning views, and a man strumming his guitar, singing about water, cool water, riding his horse. As you do. Then he pops into the bar, in the hope of a card game, and orders whiskey.

"It seems to me you are no better a judge of human beings than being one." I quite like that as an insult. May remember that one.

Then he shoots the residents, stymieing any chance of a nice, pleasant game of cards. So he pops into another bar, and shoots a card player there too, and gets the whole bar thrusting into song, before getting into a stand-off with the deceased man's brother. Blimey.

Then a man in black, riding on a black horse, shoots our man, and bursts into song himself. And that is the end of Buster Scruggs. Alas, not the end of the movie.


Sexy Cowboy goes into a bank. There's a joke there somewhere.

Long story short - it doesn't quite go to plan and he ends up strung to a tree about to be hanged. Long story short, that doesn't go to plan either. Man tries to rescue him, that does go to plan in a fashion, but then it goes wrong. Very wrong. This is like the story of my life, except for the hanging bit. I've not tried that.


Next up: A thespian one man band show.

Like with all Shakespeare, I haven't a clue what's going on. Not helped by not being able to hear what's being said because of the packet of crisps I was eating. No blood though. That's good.


More iconic scenery and wild animals. 'Tis like a screen saver, only with music. Ruined by the arrival of a man who digs lots of holes by a river, disrupting a perfectly lovely scene.


A brother's sister is off to be married in some far away county but the brother coughs himself to death on the way. He's buried in the Wild West, unfortunately with a stash of money in his pocket. Then his dog gets it. The brother's not having a good day.

Then there's a bit of an upswing. Sister finds the dog, accepts a marriage proposal and survives an attack by Indians. Alas, lots of horses don't get such good luck. I'm sad about the horses. They'd better have a disclaimer that no horses were injured in the making of this film.

Then it all gets terribly traumatic. Still the dog survives.


Man singing in a carriage. Wakes up a man who doesn't stop talking. Thankfully, the phone rang and I could hit the pause button.

I often think that it's a good thing I'm not a professional actress - I'd never remember that many lines in one go. I can barely remember my mobile number most of the time.

After a row, man starts singing again.


This film, or rather anthology, got rave reviews. I really didn't enjoy it that much aside from the cinematography. Just proves that my tastes are as warped as ever but my eyesight hasn't failed yet.

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