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Sadventure Completed #42 (2): 0 to 50k...

Updated: Mar 28

Thread one:

I tried very hard to follow a fitness plan but there were two very serious impediments:

1. Time

2. My inability to commit to plans

Not to mention the weather. That said I have managed a few walks out...and things are getting easier.

Week 8 should have done...

1 x 25km

3 x 10km

What I actually did:

1 x 15km,

2 x 10km

It does prove something very important: that having plans is all well and good - until one has to get out of bed and put clothes on. #MidLifeCrisisPhilosophy

Week 9 should have done...

1 x 15km

3 x 10km

What I actually did:

1 x 17kms

2 x 18kms

1 x 5kms - albeit up a hill and back.

I am quite chuffed about his week going over and above what I'd expected. Not least because I am finding myself comfortable for the first three hours, and then things start to slow down and ache quite considerably. But pre-three hour mark, I'm no longer relying on knee-strapping and no cursing when having to clamber over stiles.

Week 10

Well, this was Christmas and New Year week, which I have, because I can, condensed into a week, even though we all know it's a 'festive season' of indeterminate length. Halfway through the season, most of my friends didn't know what day of the week it was. Neither did I, but this really is nothing new. However, the additional availability of time, whilst my friends went orf to fall out with their families and remind themselves how much they dislike Turkey, means I have lots and lots and lots of walking time.

Shame I only managed one walk of 15kms. Nice it was though.

Week 11 - New Year, New Resolutions

My new year's resolution is to stop making promises to myself. What with plans for the PCT starting to take over, and insomnia taking over, I'm rather pleased to have got out as much as I have this week.

So, I've managed:

1 x 19km

1 x 15km

1 x 18km

1 x 10km

The thing I'm starting to realise is that it's been quite some time since I even managed half my target distance...and I nearly took up running when ambushed by two ferocious Labrador dogs: gnarling, slobbering and very, very fangy. I too had previously thought they were as gentle as the toilet roll they promote. Seems I was wrong. Thankfully I had my walking sticks with me and waving them around the air like I just didn't care, seemed to ward them off, and they raced back from whence they came. Only for them to bring back an entire pack of another ten or so with them about ten minutes later. Rushing at me, all shapes and sizes of Cotswolds Pedigree, and all equally outraged at my temerarious walking, I truly believed I was about to be dogmeat. One sniff of me had them conclude I was more Aldi than Waitrose, and they raced off a second time.

I legged it as fast as I could before they alerted any less snobbish cousins. Good practice for bear encounters on the PCT, I figure. Later on that same walk, merely the 10km one, I got rammed by not one but two sheep. I successfully charged back at them both: further developing my bear-tackling competence. I'm am wondering, though, whether my body odour is seriously offensive even to nature... It was a relief to find the local alligator plasticus has found a mate. Hoping for babies in the Spring!

On the plus, I've found a few lovely new local routes, which is somewhat thrilling, and a pointless gate:

Week 12

1 x 10km

1 x 20km

Although time is limited, I'm pleased to report the snowdrops are out. And I've found another pointless gate...

Week 13

The storms arrived but that did not deter me...

1 x 11km

1 x 16km

1 x 19km

1 x 15km

Now doesn't that look impressive...except it's a load of baloney - there were in fact three walks, the 11km one, and then two to Woodstock, both following the same route. Strava, however, has been taking drugs...

Week 14

More drunken revelry from Strava, it had me doing a 44.68km walk in 2 hours, 9 minutes to Bladon, where I admired Winston Churchill and family's many graves. If I truly had done that time, I'd be in the graves with them. As it was, I did 4h 20 minutes and something in the region of 20km.

And that is training is finished. Next up:

Walking 50km in 12 hours....

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