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Sadventure Completed #41: Eat Mungo Beans

Updated: Mar 28

Okay then. I'm assuming they are stocked in #Tescos.


Turns out they are MUNG beans.


Still don't know if @Tesco has them though.



Turns out #Tesco doesn't stock them. Amazon it is.


They are smaller than I anticipated. Tiny, in fact. I was expecting them to be bean-sized, you know, like fingernail-sized. I also expect them to taste like them that's for sure.

I'm told I have to split them by soaking them in water for a few days! Fast food this ain't. Faff food more like.

Two looooong days later...

Like making popcorn, only less noisy and bloody boring.

Decided that as I'm going to have a dinner party, these would be best served as part of the salad I'm making. If I'm going to die of food poisoning, then I'd like friends around me at the time.


Turns out they are jeffing beansprouts! BEANSPROUTS. I could have just gone to my local Chinese Takeaway and ordered some bloody lovely chow mein.

Instead, I nearly broke mine and my guests teeth on the unsplit seeds. Incidentally, they taste 'meh'.

#mungbeans #fastfood#fafffood #tesco @tesco #Sadventure #beansprouts

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