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Sadventure Completed #3: The body of evidence...

Updated: Mar 27

Another phase of having a midlife crisis is that alledgedly one begins to compare one's body obsessively with others of the same age.

Begins? Being of the womankind this is nothing new. I have been inundated with magazines telling me how to get the perfect body since I first learnt to read them.

The joy of having a mid-life is knowing that for today my body is going to be a good as it gets. Better still is that I can attest to some benefits of having additional padding...

1) I use less bath water. This makes gives me a feeling of being pious during droughts.

2) I am living proof that cheese is gooooood.

3) I fit into my clothes. It would be a crying shame to walk around looking like a tent because I don't fit them. Worse would be having to go naked. Naked would definitely be worse. It's December.

Anyway, Sadventure #3. Veganuary. January as a vegan.

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