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PCT Days 154 - 158

Day 154

My tent was sopping wet this morning - in fact at one point it was raining on the inside there was so much condensation! I forgot to dry it out at lunch and so it’s all a bit damp tonight. It is also very overcast and a bit chilly this evening - so who knows what tomorrow will be like. It does mean I’ve hauled extra kilos all day though - on top of a five-day resupply! Still the going hasn’t been too bad today, although it’s starting to get serious again…

Day 155

And another 22 miles in the bag - that’s all I seem to be able to do these days - but the best part was having ‘elevenses’ roadside provided by my current hiking partner’s friends. They supplied me with - my favourite - fresh melon! And hummus, avocado, bagels, eggs and hot coffee! Fresh fruit is the thing I miss the most. Well, not the most - there’s coffee, hot pizza, hot any main meal that’s not hiker food, good chocolate and basically anything edible. But I not half miss having some fruit here and there. Anyway, not today!

Day 156

The first eight miles were overcast. The next eight miles were foggy. The last eight miles were rain. Still, am pleased to be just under three-hundred miles to go…

Just hope it doesn’t piss it down for the entire duration!

Day 157

It pissed down all morning but this afternoon was sunnier - apparently. Hard to say as we’re in thick forest much of the time, but a little gap in the forest permitted me to dry out my tent for an hour then started up the steepest incline I’ve encountered since the Sierra.

Alas, it was followed by the steepest decline.

Alas, that was followed by an even steeper incline.

Only 21 miles done today. My gluteus maximus, which is more minimus these days, aches.

Day 158

Town days always make for the hardest miles - I don’t know why, I guess the anticipation of decent, and hot, food, means every mile drags on.

On arrival at Snoqualmie, I ordered breakfast - proper breakfast, not the usual doughnuts, pies, danish etc that I’ve crammed into a filthy rucksack, but one with eggs and veg and potato. And lots and lots of coffee. And toast with jam. I was just sinking my third coffee when the waiter informed me that my breakfast had been paid for!

An hour later, I ordered a second breakfast of strawberry waffles with cream. Paid for that myself though!

Then it was off to do the shopping for the last leg - the remaining fourteen days of this trip, all going well, involves trail angels dropping my supplies off at intersections. No more showers. No more hot meals. No more internet.

Back on trail tomorrow for the final push.

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