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PCT Days 20 - 21

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Were spent being wildly idle in Idyllwild! But the take-out food is great - think I've put on everything I've lost so far. Not just bodily, but also in my rucksack: I've got my Anker Battery pack to collect, my puffy pants to prevent hypothermia, an Emergency Beacon and new shoes - all the better to acquire blisters in new places with.

I've also picked up some antibiotic cream in order to treat my very swollen right foot - and after two days' use, I can finally wiggle my toes, although 'the piggy who had none' is still as fat as it was three days ago.

The storms on the mountains have kept us off, and with more incoming, it has proved wise to stay off. We've heard from WildCat who is still up there, and she's ground down to a halt - covering only a few miles per day. The snow is waist-deep and without proper equipment, e.g. snow shoes or ice-axe it sure is no fun. Certainly that's what we've been told by our fellow hikers.

So whilst we took stock and planned our next actions, we've had several earthquakes - the largest was a pathetic 4.9. Today's was a baby 3.9. God doing the Hokey Cokey with us....

On the plus, we've organised a ride to Mile 444 and we're going to walk to Mile 700ish - that's the bit around Death Valley - the proper, proper, proper desert. Very exciting. We head out there tomorrow. Food and water carries have been planned.

And finally, saw my first deer.

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